Hear More For Le$$!
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Hear More For Le$$!


• Stops arguments about "The TV is too loud" "But I can't hear what they're saying!"

• Doesn't need any batteries, has no electronics to break down or make noise

• Can help you to better hear plays, sermons, lectures, live music performances

• Finally provides a NATURAL way to boost the volume of sounds that you face

• Let's you hear more for ultra-low-cost - less than $6 per ear!

Earglasses´┐Ż Sound Magnifiers

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One pair of boxed lenses plus a pair of silicon bands to help hold them in place.

• Earglasses´┐Ż Sound Magnifiers mildly boost the volume of sounds that you face. It's like cupping your hands behind your ears - only your arms won't get tired! Get up to twelve decibels of clean volume gain in the higher frequencies that people tend to lose first. The lenses can also block noise coming from your sides or your back.

• For those who would prefer to order by mail, please make checks payable to Big Ideas Incorporated, and mail your check to 6425 North 75th Drive, Glendale, AZ 85303. Price per pair, including FREE mailing and handling, is $13.91 for Glendale, AZ residents, $13.95 for all other Arizona residents, and $11.95 for non-Arizonans.

• We ship only via United States Postal Mail. No orders from outside of the United States will be fulfilled!

• Thanks for your interest in our product!