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Earglasses® Headsets Are Better Than Hearing Aids. They Need No Batteries, Make No Odd Noises, Cause No Discomfort

Do you have a hard time hearing your TV set at volume levels that other people can tolerate? If so, try on an Earglasses® headset. The clear reflectors magnify any sounds you face just like cupping your hands behind your ears... except that your arms won't get tired! You'll notice that sounds are sharper, clearer, and easier to hear. The headset also blocks noises that occur to your sides and your back.

You can get all of these benefits for less than $5.00 for each ear!

These parabolic reflectors can make your middle-of-the-hall concert seats sound like you're sitting right in the front row. Their greatest amplification is at just those frequencies where people usually first suffer mild to moderate hearing losses.

Try them at the movies, at live music concerts, lectures, live sporting events, or use them for bird watching or tracking animals in the wild.

An Earglasses® headset is also an eye-opening gift for a person who insists that their hearing is "just fine."


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